Christmas Trees and Music
for your Holiday Joy

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DVD 30 minutes

Continuous Play, Loops infinitely

Put the DVD into the Player and it automatically begins to play and continues until you stop it, looping again and again.

The Christmas Tree DVD is a gentle music video for the holiday season - an electronic Christmas tree which can be used to enhance the holiday spirit and bring good cheer to the household with its upbeat, positive music, and lovely visuals.

Slowly changing images of Christmas Trees blend with one another, accompanied by original Christmas Music. beautiful unique ornaments from all over the world adorn the trees.

The Christmas Tree DVD can be used in the absence of a traditional Christmas tree, to enhance the feeling of the season wherever there is a VCR - in homes, airports, restaurants, bars, waiting rooms, shops, hospitals, while traveling, etc.

An upbeat, happy original score includes many holiday standards played in new arrangements, and several wonderful original Christmas songs.

  • Watch and enjoy it as a work of music/visual holiday art
  • Play it during holiday parties for mood setting ambiance
  • Leave it on continuously at home or in public places

We hope this video will help people be happy during the holiday time!
For ecological reasons, this video is not shrink wrapped.


Christmas Tree Video On Sale

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Directed by Elliott Landy
Music by Jim Ferretti

Some of the songs include :

Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angel Sing, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Oh Tannenbaum, First Noel, Deck the Halls, and more!

Color, 30 minutes - Continuous loop

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